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High quality spices that are cost effective and contain exceptional quality.

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# About us

At SVS, we aim to provide high-quality spices that are cost-effective and contain exceptional quality. We provide various products by the manufacturing of spice mixes to create the perfect aromatic blend. The plan is designed to provide management with a systematic and strategic approach to manufacturing authentic home-roasted spices. SVS - Home of Spice aims to establish itself as a premium spice supply company specializing in the distribution and manufacture of authentic, premium and organic Indian spices in South Africa. We aim to benefit from the increasing customer demand for high-quality spices and South African's love of Indian flavoured food in particular. We are continually improving and introducing new blends of spices to cater to our rainbow nation taste buds. We have clearly defined mission, vision and value statement to guide our company's actions, outline our overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-making. The mission, vision and value statements provide the framework and context within which our company's strategies are formulated.

# Our mission

Our mission and strategy are to create jobs for young people and disabled individuals in South Africa. In this process, we commit to equipping them with skills and change the degenerative mindset for failure.

# Our Vision

We see SVS being a significant player in local, national and international markets. SVS will emanate economic growth repulsion from South Africa, into Africa and to the rest of the world, creating world-class quality, excellence, ethics and business standards in our manufacturing process.

# Our Values

  • An innovative and disciplined team
  • Highly progressive
  • Job creators

To mark the beginning of this journey, we are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. You can now order your favourite spices mixes, powders and various other products at (opens new window) and get them delivered to your doorstep.

— SVS Team

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